Current Team


Carol Mertz

Game Designer

Liz Ryerson

Composer, Designer, and Writer

Hesi Mendez

Game Designer and Instructor

Yiyi Zhang

Community Director

(GUMBO, Death By Audio Arcade)


Sebastián Gioseffi

Independent Game Developer

Sebastián Blanco

PhD student in Informatics


Jake Weidner

Experimental Game Producer

Our Goal

Our goal is to cycle judges and organizers every couple years, along with some new longer term advisors to keep the showcase going and evolve its focus alongside the medium. This is, of course, subject to further revision in the future - as the EGW is a growing and evolving organism.


If you have questions about your submission or need clarification about the process, please email us here or find us on Twitter at @ExpGameWorkshop.

We look forward to hearing from you - and hope to see you at GDC!