2023 Session

Projects Presented:

Time Bandit - presented by Joel Jordon

Neurocracy - presented by Joannes Truyens

Cyber Space - presented by Nicole He

Hexcraft: Harlequin Fair - presented by Teagan Morrison (Oleander Garden)

Escape From Lavender Island - presented by Jeremy Couillard

Bib Goes Home - presented by Alastair Low

Onto Maizilind Unto Infinity (OMUI) - presented by Kas Ghobadi

Poke, Stroke, Grasp - presented by Jack Hart

A Little Game Called Mario - presented by Izzy Kestrel

The Thinky Games Community - presented by Joseph Mansfield

Push Away - presented by Atley Loughridge & Jacob Knipfing

Awakening - presented by Sebastián Blanco & Mariano Mariscal

Session Staff Credits:

Hosted by Liz Ryerson, Yiyi Zhang, & Jake Weidner

AV support from: Bryan Dilligard

Curated by:  Carol Mertz, Hesi Mendez, Liz Ryerson, & Yiyi Zhang

Organized by: Sebastián Gioseffi, Sebastián Blanco, & Jake Weidner

And Special Thanks to Daniel Benmergui, Emilia Lazer Walker, Nicholas O’Brien, Bryan Dilligard, Bennett Foddy, and Jyro Blade